Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR
Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR
Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR
Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR
Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR
Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR

Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-800-8DR

CASE 48.6mm, Resin, Black, Mineral Crystal
DIAL Green, Month, Date, Day, AM/PM
BAND Resin, Black, Buckle
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Case Length 54.1 mm
Case Diameter 48.6 mm
Thickness 15.5 mm
Case Shape Round

Bentuk bulat simetris

Case Material Resin

disebut Bahan silicone, bahan dasarnya adalah karet yang telah diolah sedemikian rupa sehingga dalam keadaan dasar dia bersifat liquid (mengalir), namun dengan penambahan hardener dia akan membeku setelah beberapa saat hingga beberapa hari tergantung konsentrasi pencampurannya.

Case Color Black
Case Back 4 Screwed Back
4 Screwed Back

Kerangka jam ditutup dengan menggunakan 4 baut

Dial Type Digital

Penunjuk waktu hanya berupa angka pada layar jam tangan ( tidak memiliki jarum jam tangan)

Dial Diameter 32 mm
Dial Color Green
Calendar Month, Date, Day, AM/PM
Glass Material Mineral Crystal
Mineral Crystal

Kaca biasa yang standard ada pada jam tangan (tidak ada Anti Gores)

Band Type Strap

Jam tangan tipe Kulit dan Karet

Band Material Resin

disebut Bahan silicone, bahan dasarnya adalah karet yang telah diolah sedemikian rupa sehingga dalam keadaan dasar dia bersifat liquid (mengalir), namun dengan penambahan hardener dia akan membeku setelah beberapa saat hingga beberapa hari tergantung konsentrasi pencampurannya.

Band Color Black
Band Length 75-130 mm
Band Width 26 mm
Clasp Buckle

Knop arloji yang memiliki pengait di bagian tengahnya untuk menyatukan atau mengikat kedua ujung tali jam tangan.

Movement Type Quartz

Jam tangan pergerakan dengan baterai, Baterai yang dipasang diperkirakan bisa bertahan antara 2 sampai 3 tahun (tergantung faktor-faktor eksternal , namun tidak terbatas pada: suhu eksternal, kelembapan, tekanan udara, dll)

Water Resistant 20 ATM
Features Shock Resistant, LED backlight (Super Illuminator), Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth®), Step count using a 3-axis acceleration sensor: 0 to 999,999 step count display range, Step Goal Progress Display (step count goal setting range: 1,000 to 50,000, 1,000-step increments), Step Count Graph: Hourly step count for the past 7 hours on a 6-level graph, Step indicator, Power Saving: Auto sensor sleep state entry after fixed period of non-activity, Dual time (Home time swapping), 1/100-second stopwatch, Countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, Hourly time signal, Full auto-calendar (to year 2099), 12/24-hour format, Button operation tone on/off, Regular timekeeping: Hour, minute, second, pm, year, month, date, day
Guarantee 2 Years
Weight 59 gr
At a time when it was commonly believed that watches were breakable items, G-Shock's development represented a challenge to common sense. The number of experimental prototypes built for endurance testing reached over 200. And the structural development and parts improvement took approximately two years. After a long, hard process of trial and error, G-Shock was finally launched. A shock resistant structure that overturned conventional thinking about watches was realized through breakthrough thinking, including the ideas of a hollow-structured case, all-directional protective covering and the use of cushioning material to protect critical parts.
These were the fruits of technological development that insisted on "toughness" and a revolution in watch design. Since launched, G-Shock has continued to evolve for 25 long years, carrying on the toughness of spirit and uncompromising passion that led its developers to persist in their unshakable belief.

G-Shock watch blueprint

Case design offering protection against free-fall shocks
A prominent bezel configuration was adopted to prevent the buttons and glass from contacting flat surfaces, thus protecting them from shocks when falling at any angle. This design concept stressing protection from shocks is basic to every G-Shock case design, and the same protective structure is employed not only for our urethane cases, but also for our mm teal cases and analog watch cases.
Urethane band that acts as a shock absorber
The band actually acts as a shock absorber itself, protecting against shocks from behind. We have established strict standards for the combination ratio of urethane resin employed. Neither too soft nor too hard, the superb specified combination realizes an ideal balance between shock resistance and comfortable wear-ability.
G-Shock watch blueprint
Shock-resistant metal band that prevents drop shocks
This band is constructed of scratch-resistant pieces. Damage from shock is prevented, even if the watch is dropped, by a structure that defends against shocks by employing wide intervals at the connection points between the band pieces, and adopting a flexible, 150-degree range of band movement.

G-Shock Technology

Born from the breakthrough idea of a hollow structure
The case employs a hollow structure in which the module is "floated" to protect it from shocks. A full urethane bezel provides all-directional enclosure to prevent direct shocks from striking the glass and buttons. And cushioning material provides extra protection for the key parts such as the crystal oscillator inside the module. These and other shock-resistant technologies, exclusive to G-Shock, are spread generously throughout the body and the module interior to raise toughness to the highest levels.
Hollow-structure case
If we tried to absorb shocks simply by encasing the module with urethane resin or other such materials, the case would grow to immense proportions. 
G-Shock realizes high shock resistance by supporting the module inside the case at just a few points, thus creating a situation as if the module were floating in air.
G-Shock watch blueprint
All-directional covering
Direct shocks to the buttons and the glass surface are prevented by a protective urethane-resin bezel design. Shock resistance has been ensured by inserting cushioning material between the bezel and case in metal models with lower shock-absorption capabilities.
Protection of important parts with cushioning material The crystal oscillator and other important parts inside the module are individually protected with cushioning material. This prevents contact failures and improper operation due to distortions that could otherwise occur inside the module if the watch experience a sudden strong impact.
CASIO’ proprietary G-SHOCK structure absorbs and repels strong shocks and vibrations. This core G-SHOCK technology continues its perpetual evolution.
Knobby protective forms are adopted for the case and bezel design. These projections guard the watch against impacts such as dropping shocks from any direction. They prevent damage by easing shocks to the buttons, which are connected directly with the module, as well to the glass surface and case back.
Highly detailed calculations based on the weight of each hand are conducted to achieve an optimal balance and assure stable hand movement, even under pressure from powerful vibrations.
The G-SHOCK Gravity Defier’s centrifugal gravity resistance specifications significantly surpass 15G, the maximum level required of cockpit instruments by the continuous acceleration test standards for aircraft equipment (ISO 2669). Tests show that the 1/100-second stopwatch and other functions operate normally under conditions such as air racing with strong gravitational forces.
Developing a legend
With the launch of its first watch in 1974, Casio entered the wristwatch market at a time when the watch industry had just discovered digital technology. As a company with cutting-edge electronic technology developed for pocket calculators, Casio entered this field confident that it could develop timepieces that would lead the market. In developing its own wristwatch, Casio began with the basic question, "What is a wristwatch?" Rather than simply making a digital version of the conventional mechanical watch, we thought that the ideal wristwatch should be something that shows all facets of time in a consistent way. Based on this, Casio was able to create a watch that displayed the precise time including the second, minute, hour, day, and month - not to mention a.m. or p.m., and the day of the week. It was the first watch in the world with a digital automatic calendar function that eliminated the need to reset the calendar due to the variation in month length. Rather than using a conventional watch face and hands, a digital liquid crystal display was adopted to better show all the information. This culminated in the 1974 launch of the CASIOTRON, the worlds first digital watch with an automatic calendar. The CASIOTRON won acclaim as a groundbreaking product that represented a complete departure from the conventional wristwatch.
In 1983, Casio launched the shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch. This product shattered the notion that a watch is a fragile piece of jewelry that needs to be handled with care, and was the result of Casio engineers taking on the challenge of creating the world's toughest watch. Using a triple protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-SHOCK offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. Its practicality was immediately recognized, and its unique look, which embodied its functionality, became widely popular, resulting in explosive sales in the early 1990s. The G-SHOCK soon adopted various new sensors, solar-powered radio controlled technology, and new materials for even better durability. By always employing the latest technology, and continuing to transcend conventional thinking about the watch, the G-SHOCK brand has become Casio's flagship timepiece product.

Legendary Japanese electronics company Casio is loved for its range of innovative and reliable watches. Casio offers both digital and analogue wristwatches for men and women in a variety of styles and colours. G-Shock Casio watches are perfect for keen sportspeople, thanks to their durability and excellent time keeping. Meanwhile, the classic unisex Casio watch is offered in a variety of colours and materials, adding a little retro flair to any outfit. Though simple, the design is iconic, and an absolute must for any watch lover's collection. The brand also produces a range of high-quality, professional watches ideal for those who lead an adventurous lifestyle. The premium pieces are mud and water resistant, and include accurate compasses to help keep you firmly on the trail.

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