Mr. Valentino Rudy was born in Bologna in Italy in 1931. After he studied architecture at the university in Rome, he went back to Bologna of your hometown and worked on preservation of historical buildings there. During touching furniture which is precious historically, fittings and fine textile, he was attracted by those beauty and developed new and original design of his own. His products, which are full of originality, were started from the field of men’s fashion and has been expanded not only the field of lady’s fashion but the items of life amenity. He kept proposing the design of its clear brand concept and its high quality and investigating consistently the harmony between design and material through his all life. When Mr. Valentino Rudy deceased in 1997, Mr. Valentino Vittorio of his eldest son took over his design policy. He also makes efforts everyday to inherit 3V of the brand policy “VERACITY”, ”VENERATION” and “VALUE” which his father kept preciously in order to establishing the brand spirit in the 21st century. VALENTINO RUDY brand given its eternal life by young creators has continued to attract people in the world in these days without changing from the past.

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