Inspired by the habits of wearing batik to work every Friday that became a daily routines, Wish Chief who loves to add watch as his daily essential, has his idea to transfer batik textile to a watch. Batik, one of Indonesia's icon, for him is not just for textile or clothes, but he believe that he can brings batik to another level, which is batik as a timepiece. With the experience in watches for almost 20 years, Wish Chief pick all the best materials and quality to this creation. Wish watch is so flexible, one set of timepiece comes with two straps, genuine leather and batik, two years warranty and wrapped with an exclusive wooden box. You can easily switch the strap you wish to wear within seconds! Wish batik watch can be your daily essential and you can embrace the pride of being an Indonesian as each batik strap is made locally and will have different cutting from one another, you will walk proudly with your own uniqueness.

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